The Andean Cross

When the designer of this blog suggested various options for a logo, I liked them all, but there was one that I immediately felt a connection to – Chakana, or the Andean Cross. The word comes from the Quechua word chakay, meaning a square shaped cross, a powerful symbol of the pre-Incan peoples, and seen as a symbolic bridge between heaven and earth. The top of the cross represents the Sun god, Viracocha, and the bottom represents Mother Earth, Pachamama. It has three symmetric steps that represent the three levels of existence, Hanan Pacha, the upper world of the superior gods, Kay Pacha, the plane where we live, and Urin Pacha, the underworld.

Chakana also represents the Southern Cross Constellation, one of the most important constellations in the Inca Empire. People in the Andes honor the Southern Cross every year on the 3rd of May. This is the month of harvest and celebration where people give thanks to the cross for the protection of their crops.

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